• So far all posts on this blog have been made in Danish for two reasons: 1) I am danish, and 2) most readers of this blog are from Denmark. However, sometimes I have some ideas, tips or comments (usually IT related) that I feel should be available to a broader audience. Up to now I have refrained from writing these posts since most people who might be interested in reading them, would do a search on Google and would never find a danish blog entry about that topic.

    I have considered switching the blog language to english, but it would seem stupid to write posts in english that only a few people in Denmark care about. After considering possible solutions for a while, I came up with the following solution which is now implemented:

    • Technical posts that appeal to a broader audience will from now on be written in english.
    • Other posts (as well as the main language on this blog) will still be in danish. Usually these posts are of a more personal nature.
    • There is now a category called english, that will contain all english posts on this blog.

    I think this is a reasonable solution. Most danish readers might still be interested in the english posts, and they will be mixed with the other posts in danish. All non-danish speakers probably arrive here via Google and will already be on the page they were looking for, but in case they want to see if there are other posts of interest, they can just browse all posts from the english category.

    Posted by Michael @ 15:41

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