• Vil lige dele denne tekst med her, da jeg finder den ganske relevant for den trussel, der i dag findes mod vores privatliv. Især fra oplysninger på internettet.

    That the individual shall have full protection in person and in property is a principle as old as the common law; but it has been found necessary from time to time to define anew the exact nature and extent of such protection. Political, social, and economic changes entail the recognition of new rights, and the common law, in its eternal youth, grows to meet the new demands of society. Thus, in very early times, the law gave a remedy only for physical interference with life and property, for trespasses vi et armis. Then the “right to life” served only to protect the subject from battery in its various forms; liberty meant freedom from actual restraint; and the right to property secured to the individual his lands and his cattle. Later, there came a recognition of man’s spiritual nature, of his feelings and his intellect. Gradually the scope of these legal rights broadened ; and now the right to life has come to mean the right to enjoy life, -- the right to be let alone; the right to liberty secures the exercise of extensive civil privileges ; and the term “property” has grown to comprise every form of possession -- intangible, as well as tangible.

    Det mest interessante er dog hvor denne tekst er taget fra. Den er skrevet af Warren og Brandeis for Harvard Law Review… tilbage i 1890! Utroligt hvor meget af teksten i deres artikel “The Right to Privacy”, der stadig er relevant i dag.

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